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There is a 99% chance you already know what this is, and if you don't, there is a 99% chance you don't care. 

This circuit was popularised as a DIY project over 10 years ago, it exists in a gazillion forms and shapes, some extremely expensive, some extremely cheap, and even the original manufacturer of the console it first appeared in started offering a rack mount version of it along the way.

If you aren't doing crazy amounts of compression, they all do pretty much the same thing, and even if you are, the variations, in my opinion, are minor.

Aarhus or Oxford mode? (Turbo mod)

For any processor to work in stereo, there has to be a common reference at some point.

...makes sense, right? 

If we do it before the side chain VCA (summing of AC before DC conversion), we get one result.

If we add a VCA and reference either sides highest peak in DC, we get another. 

In the stock SC version of this unit , the approach is the former, and in the Turbo version, its the ladder. 

Multiple SC HP frequencies?

If the compression is a bit heavier on the center image  than you like, or if you experience pumping, it will usually stem from triggering in the low end register. In those situations, you can ease off on the threshold, and if that is not an option,  the single frequency side chain high pass comes in handy.

If you're a "more is more" type of person, there are alternatives out there, like the VCA-GRINDER on this site - I am offering the configuration I would prefer to use for this unit.

The G4K Dynamics processing unit

  • Stereo VCA compressor circuit
  • Single frequency High pass filter on the side chain detection
  • All controls on switches or detented pots for perfect recall


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