Since 2008, I have hosted an annual DIY community build in Denmark, to spread the good word, and to meet some good people.

We need three days for a group of beginners to complete a project, and I will...

  • supervise the construction of a PCB Grinder kit
  • offer help with calibration and testing
  • offer help if troubleshooting is needed
  • discuss the circuits
  • cover some basic electronics
  • cover some basic info on parts
  • cover various aspects of getting into DIY
  • eat lots of pizza

I would be happy to host a 3 day event at your school or institution, and I will travel anywhere to do so. I only ask that my expenses for board and travel are covered, and there are a minimum of 10 students (or 10 kits) participating.

Check the PCB Grinder Facebook site for coming events in Denmark, or contact me about hosting a build. 

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