PCB Grinder was born out of my personal desire to work with something I love.

In my younger days, I studied and made a living as a reckless bass player, but I quit in order to pursue a more stable work life with a university degree in hand. I earned a masters in philosophy and political theory and then started working as a political consultant, but just a few years in, the practical aspects of politics were too much of a constant work-in-"process" for my younger, more impatient self.

So...I found my way back to my love for music, albeit in a different niche, combining it with a hobby of mine. At first, providing PCBs for audio hardware, then kits and assembly guides, and finally, units of my own design.

I set out as an electronics hobbyist with no formal education as an EE, and PCB Grinder has been built on my drive to grow and learn, as well as the help of kind and passionate people around me.

I feel grateful for doing something I love, I strive to make it show, and most of all, I hope it’s contagious!!!

PCB Grinder - Gustav Grinderslev (Linkedin)

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