• Connectors - Standard XLR, but some prefer TRS for DIY (Kits for projects with PCB mount XLR will include connectors)
  • IEC/Power input - Standard IEC, may contain power switch and fuse holder
  • Fuse holder - If you do not want to use an IEC that has one built in
  • Power switch - If you did not use an IEC connector with built in power switch, or simply prefer to have it on the front of the unit
  • Knobs - A real chance to put your own touch on the design by simple means. Just make sure to check if the panel layout will accommodate the diameter of your preferred knob
  • Meters - There are tons of different styles out there that will also let you put your own spin on the design. Remember to adjust the panel cut-out for your selection

The mounting hardware used to be part of the components kits, but nearly every order came with a request to change or omit one of the above elements, which is why they were gathered under this eclectic moniker

PCB Grinder designs and sells PCBs, and we are settled on the styles to use on our own finished units. Although there is some standard version of all these items in the PARTS section of the shop, they are not stocked in the quantities that would be required to drive down the price

As a result, you can find a wider and cheaper selection of these items at shops specialising more in parts than PCBs and projects

In short, they are offered here for convenience and reference

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