• If you bought a blank front panel you want to work with, you can print the file in scale from the software and use it as a drill overlay. 

  • Front panel designer software from Schaeffer in Europe - Link
  • Front panel designer software from Front Panel Express in the U.S. - Link
  • Software will display the price of a panel under the "file" tab

  • If you want to order a panel, you can load the file into the the front panel design software and order it as-is (make sure to check the layout first), or you can use it as a starting point and make your own changes to colour, font and layout. 
  • Less colours, less drilling and less engraving makes for a cheaper panel. You can order an engraved panel and do the drilling yourself, you can order a drilled panel and do your own labels or something in between

  • The front panel software and manufacturing is supplied by a third party, depending on your location -  PCB Grinder only offers the FDP files for convenience
  • The files are provided with no guarantees. We do believe they are all correct, and we did check them, but check the layout yourself before ordering

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