The PQ2 Vintage Filters


Classic filter design, with an SRPP tube gainstage, and Swedish Lundahl transformers on both in- and outputs. 

The most exciting thing about this EQ is not the origins or the circuit  -  its what it does to your program material. 

What sets this one apart, is

...its got two channels in one box, they are matched, and all the controls are on switches/stepped for perfect channel matching and recalls. 

The PQ2 Vintage Filters

  • Two channels of classic filters
  • Channels are matched
  • SRPP Tube gain stage 
  • All controls on stepped switches for perfect channel matching and recall 

Price & delivery

The PQ2 is currently priced at €1600 ex VAT, world wide shipping included. 

Units are built by hand in Denmark, delivery time is about 5 weeks. 


The PQ2 Vintage Filters

The PQ2 Vintage Filters

The PQ2 Vintage FiltersTwo channels of classic filtersChannels are matchedSRPP Tube gain stage ..


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