• Two channels of FET compression in switchable dual mono/MS stereo link configuration.
  • High pass side chain filter, "all buttons" compression mode, compression wet/dry blend function
  • Optional Lundahl LL5402 transformer or THAT1646 output. 

“Cairo Knife Fight is a duo that has an unbelievable stage power for 2 guys. It was really important that the guitar sound on the record represented that. They had some killer Freidman amp guitar tones, but I was concerned that things wouldn't have the right space and soundstage, so I turned to the MS76 in MS mode, which gave me the perfect control to slap on the guitar bus" 

Dylan Dresdow – PaperVU (US)

“The most amazing thing is to be able to get that typical 1176 low mid distorted punch up the middle, that brizzle sound on the sides, then use the blend knob to add just the right amount of harmonics.

Gaetan Golembiewski – Audiomaster (SE)

“I had a fun day running tracks through the new toys!

Listened to the MS76 beside an Urei and a Purple. I REALLY like it! The HPF and Wet/Dry control makes it way more versatile than a standard 1176 design.

Zak Cohen – The Woodshop Studio

3-5 weeks on assembled units, built by hand in Denmark

MS76 - Assembled

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