Two channels of FET compression in switchable dual mono/MS stereo link configuration, with optional transformer output


Set the mode switch to dual mono, and you have two compressors working independently, or as a non-linked stereo pair. (L/R)


Set the mode switch to M/S, and the unit will encode and route the center information (mid) of your stereo input to one channel (M), and the panned information (side) to the other (S). The signals are decoded back to stereo after processing, so your final output is split to L/R.



The Blend knob is a mix knob that lets you dial in a blend between compressed and uncompressed content.


High Pass Side Chain

The HP SC filters out the low end of the signal going to the compression, detection circuit (the side chain). It does not affect the signal path directly, but it makes sure the compression does not react to low end material, so bass heavy material can breathe a bit.


“All Buttons In”

The ALL switch mimics the infamous “all buttons” setting, and was added by popular demand.

3-5 weeks on assembled units, built by hand in Denmark

“Cairo Knife Fight is a duo that has an unbelievable stage power for 2 guys. It was really important that the guitar sound on the record represented that. They had some killer Freidman amp guitar tones, but I was concerned that things wouldn't have the right space and soundstage, so I turned to the MS76 in MS mode, which gave me the perfect control to slap on the guitar bus" 

Dylan Dresdow – PaperVU (US)

“Once i figured out the sweet spot in M/S mode, I got completely hooked. The most amazing thing is to be able to get that typical 1176 low mid distorted punch up the middle, that brizzle sound on the sides, then use the blend knob to add just the right amount of harmonics.

A mad tool for vintage to dirty textures, or clean sound design”

Gaetan Golembiewski – Audiomaster (SE)

“I had a fun day running tracks through the new toys!

Listened to the MS76 beside an Urei and a Purple. I REALLY like it! The HPF and Wet/Dry control makes it way more versatile than a standard 1176 design. Great work!”

Zak Cohen – The Woodshop Studio

“The MS76 is killing some room mics right now. I love to be able to compress the middle some more than the edges! really useful. I’m sure I’ll find tons of uses for that thing in the future!”

Johannes Eberhard – Studjo Switzerland

MS76 - Assembled

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