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BAX HILLS Precision Shelving Filters

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The Bax hills is a set of mastering grade shelving filters, based on Peter Baxandall's filter design. 


While working on the Porter-Grinder Mastering EQ, one of the opamps on trial kept coming up as exciting and vibrant, but just "too much somehow" in the listening tests.

I was playing around with the idea of adding a second shelving mode to the unit, but instead, I came up with this stand-alone filter bank, and of course, I had o use the DOA that was deemed "too much somehow" for this soft curvy Bax design.

Simple, precise and still a little exciting, without introducing non-essential elements. 

BAX HILLS Precision Shelving Filters

  • 2 channels of Baxandall shelving filters
  • Stepped gain controls on Blore Edwards switches (5.5dB cut and boost total, increments of 0.5dB)
  • M100D Discrete Opamp for gain (Silent Arts)
  • Modern, precision in- and output section
  • Hard Bypass

Price & delivery

The BAX Hills is currently priced at €1200 ex VAT, world wide shipping included. 
(€1000 introductory price in May))

Units are built by hand in Denmark, delivery time is about 5 weeks.





BAX HILLS Precision Shelving Filters2 channels of Baxandall shelving filtersStepped gain control (5...

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