VCA-GRINDER Dynamics Processing Unit


At some point, most relatively sane people get tired of doing the same thing over and over again, so after building quite a few GssL comps, I felt like approaching the design with a fresh perspective. 

It started with a version, which implemented an MS matrix in the side chain only, and went on  this unit, with full L/R separation (Dual mono), switchable to MS Stereo. It was mainly inspired by the approach used for linking the channels in the FET-GRINDER, which proved to be quite useful in general. 

In- & Output section was reengineered as well, and the output is driven by a pair of Lundahl LL5402 transformers.

MS Stereo link

"just a fun tool, because it will let you play with stereo width, and fun variations, like processing the sides on a stereo, drum track heavily, without affecting the snare in the middle, or vice versa, digging into experiments with 2 mic set-ups for guitar, or slightly widening or narrowing a full mix". 


Its a "hard" bypass, and even though odd things happened, if we bypassed just one channel in MS Stereo mode, we left it hard - because the odd things were also quite fun and interesting, and made it to the first record, the first prototype unit was used on.

If you dont like experimenting, flip both bypass-switches at the same time to avoid any confusion. 

Danish producer, Carsten Heller, using the prototype on a mix - Link

(Song "Minds of 99 - I'm gonna die") 

VCA-GRINDER Dynamics Processing

  • 2 channels of VCA compression
  • MS stereo link via built in MS matrix
  • Mix knob on both channels (Pre MS matrix, remains L/R in MS-link mode)
  • Side chain High pass filter (High passes the detection circuit, not the signal path)
  • Lundahl LL5402 output transformers

Price & delivery

The VCA-GRINDER is currently priced at €1280 ex VAT, world wide shipping included. 

Units are built by hand in Denmark, delivery time is about 5 weeks.


VCA-GRINDER Dynamics Processing Unit

VCA-GRINDER Dynamics Processing Unit

VCA-GRINDER Dynamics Processing2 channels of VCA compressionMS stereo link via built in MS matrixMix..


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